'It's a brotherhood': From Secret Santa to pizza night, Ravens tight ends know they have it good

One of the rules of Secret Santa was that every present had to be wrapped, which was a problem for Nick Keizer, because his involved a car. But Nick Keizer is a tight end, and there has maybe never been a better time to be a Ravens tight end.

So as Keizer walked out to the team facility’s parking lot a few days before Christmas, he had 13 rolls of wrapping paper and four friends with him. Nick Boyle was Keizer’s Secret Santa; his big gift was a Nintendo Switch gaming console, small enough to wrap without much help. But Keizer was assistant tight ends coach Andy Bischoff’s Secret Santa, and his gift, after some consultation with Bischoff’s wife, was tinted windows on his new car. The gift-wrapping for that required some help.

For a tight end group that has gotten better as it has gotten closer, this was just another day at the office. After Boyle, Keizer, Maxx WilliamsHayden Hurst and Mark Andrewswere through with the car, “it looked really good,” Keizer said. All that was missing was a novelty oversize bow.

Keizer ended up leaving before Bischoff found his gift. But “I think he felt the love,” he said. “He felt the love, which is what it was about.”

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